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Self-Sufficient Living In East Tennessee

A community of individual property owners
living within their means and off their land
located in South East Tennessee.

Are you looking to live a self-sufficient lifestyle? Do you want to get away from depending on government and big business? If so, you should consider buying land at The Village of Sewanee Creek.

We are a unique land development because we strongly value the ideas of living simply and providing for yourself. Our property buyers are all self-reliant folks who want to live differently and with less dependency on a beauracratic government and faceless corporations. Rather, we value independence as well as inter-dependence within the local mountain community.

Self-Sufficient Living

  • Growing Food: We are big advocates of people who grow their own food. Food is fundamental to human welfare and if you can provide food for your family without relying on the national food supply, you have won half the battle in becoming self-reliant.
  • Local Economy: One of our goals is to foster local economic growth through unique projects. Working to build a local economy also helps to build local community.


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